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Auto Sampling Tool

The ultimate solution that efficiently addresses the integration requirements gap, streamlining your QA workflow.

Samplify LAB enables seamless creation of samples based on production processes. It improves quality processes by automating sampling operations, establishes an integration abstraction layer between LIMS and MES solutions, provides an audit trail of all system actions, and runs on cloud infrastructure.


What is Samplify?

Complete solution for production line and laboratory operators

Integration with SAP, MES and LIMS

Provides an overview of online production

Suggests sample collection based on production orders

Allows atomatic and manual sample generation with barcode printing options

The development methodology follows Agile principles to improve productivity and user satisfaction

Uses an event-driven architecture for better scalability, fault tolerance, and versatility

Success in numbers

  • +30% added value time
  • 100% effectiveness in sampling
  • +80% efficiency in incident management
  • +1M tons of finished product

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