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E2E line replenishment orchestrator

A system architecture to handle control the inputs and outputs of raw materials, components and finished goods, to automate storage and production line replenishment.

Controls and manages replenishment needs of raw material and components. Allocates tasks to the LGV's for execution. Integrates suppliers for full blockchain based traceability.


GrabIT advantages

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Less human interaction and improved process efficienfy.

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Controls product movement and automatic sample generation.

Orchestration of LGV's movement.

Traceability with blockchain from supplier to production line.

Integration with SAP, MES, SCADA, direct PLC, LIMS...

Allows you to work manually.

Fully customizable according to the needs and size of the factory.

Success in numbers

  • +300K movement orders
  • +3M € raw material savings
  • -80% work accidents
  • 99,99% on-time deliveries
  • -1.867 Kg of CO2

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