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Direct 2 Customer

Direct 2 Customer

Management by exception of short-term planning

This platform allows you to enrich your ERP data to focus on taking short-term planning decisions and manage your daily operation by exception.

Detection of shortage in the network stock projection, check of root cause of the shortage, execute the change in D2C and see it instantly reflected in the ERP via API, and simulate and take the best decision on changing production plan, changing order allocation, or moving stock.

Direct 2 Customer

What is D2C?

A one-stop solution to gain visibility and organize your supply-chain.

It has a high UX focus to facilitate access to data.

It serves as a unique source of truth to allow and improve communication.

With planning & simulation areas you can do what-if scenarios to take the best decision based on data.

It is an innovative product in constant growth due to its cost model.

Is built with security by design and not as a consequence.

Integration with ERP, WMS, TMS & MES is posible to have a complete picture with enriched data.

Success in numbers

  • 98% satisfied users
  • -1 FTE workload reduction
  • +2% increase in direct delivery to the plant
  • 260k sales orders analyzed annually

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