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ElemQ was created by two leaders in technology and supply chain: T2C and Miebach Consulting, and it does so to help companies make their supply chains more efficient, transparent and agile, optimizing and digitizing their processes and decision making.

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A Joint venture for digital supply chain solutions

Technology in the supply chain has been evolving to improve productivity and profits of companies but, currently, given the numerous existing offerings, it is not always easy to choose the most appropriate software for each problem. Therefore, it is very common that companies do not find solutions that fit their needs or end up acquiring product modules that they do not use later, which ultimately harms their results.

In this context, T2C, a leader in technology, and Miebach Consulting, a leader in supply chain consulting and engineering, have created a joint venture that combines experience, innovation, and knowledge to offer solutions that facilitate decision making and increase efficiency by digitizing processes. ElemQ's digital solutions combine Artificial Intelligence and the latest technologies with knowledge of the supply chain and business processes, aligning them and prioritizing that both the initial investment and implementation time are minimal.

ElemQ is a technological platform in the cloud created from microservices that allows the implementation of modular, scalable, and adaptable applications to the customer's needs. This combination makes ElemQ's services the best approach to the digitization of supply chain processes.

A solid and innovative value proposition uniting, on the one hand, technology and development and, on the other, more effective strategies and solutions for the supply chain. ElemQ provides AI-based technology and services, advanced analytics, and data visibility on a cloud-based technology platform so our clients can make faster decisions, plan smarter, and achieve better business results.

If you want more information about our digital solutions or you want personalized advice, do not hesitate to contact us.