About Technology to Client (T2C)

Technology 2 Client (T2C) was founded in December 2003. We opened/established our first office in Barcelona and started operating in January 2004. Originally the company was made up of 5 employees focused on the area of Unix/Oracle/SAP administration. At that time part of the company was owned by non-executive directors, but since 2010 the seven partners of the company are also employees.

The company is focused on providing administration and systems management services, though at times infrastructures (HW/SW) relevant to projects or maintenance, where services are being provided, are sold as well.

Since our beginnings we have aimed to provide services from a portfolio of highly experienced and skilled consultants and senior technicians, who are constantly updating their knowledge to the latest market advances (in partnerships and technical training) from the major names in the market (HP, IBM, SAP, Oracle, VMWare, ISACA, EMC, MicroStrategy, etc.).

Born in 2003

Focused in Technology area

High Specialization

In terms of key milestones, the ISO 9001:2000 certificate for Consultancy & Auditory of IT Systems is an important one. T2C obtained it at the end of 2004 and the standards of quality have helped us to maintain appropriate levels of service and internal organization procedures.

The first technical area was that of SAP (SAP Basis Services). Progressively, in order to meet identified client demands and opportunities, our other areas have been established: Business Intelligence (2005), Administration/Outsourcing (2006) and Programming/Development (2014).

Due to the growing number of employees and the adoption of the remote service model which is becoming more and more extended amongst our clients, in 2009 a second office was opened in Barcelona. In 2014, in order to take full advantage of all knowledge and work capacities, the two offices were joined by moving to the current office in Diagonal Barcelona.

Over the years, organization wise T2C has maintained the same original principles: to provide the highest level of quality possible, to actively work on the clients problems and concerns, to maintain an honest attitude with all company stakeholders (employees, providers, clients, etc.), and to minimize structural expenditure (administration, sales, finance, etc.) in order to maintain a self-financed system with potential for growth and continuous training.

This model may not have favoured a sharper growth, however it has achieved a high level of client and employee loyalty, which the high returning business and low employee turnover rates reflect, and this has enabled a consolidated growth year after year.